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Tuesday, November 20, 2018 


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  11/19/2018 • Jerusalem
  The Middle East remains on the brink of major conflict, as American and allied forces work night and day to keep Iranian and jihadist Shiite Iraqi forces from penetrating eastern Syria while stepping up efforts to expel Iranian forces already in the area. More intensive action lies just ahead I suspect. Meanwhile I have begun work on a new book, my fifth one, this time an autobiography that will include some difficult "me too" information, sadly involving my late uncle, a Catholic priest in Oregon, David Hazen, after whom I was named. He was the focus of many sexual abuse cases that were shamefully--if typically--buried by the Church of Rome...look him up on line for the details. By the way, if you want to really check me out, don't go to research my fallen uncle, but to my great father, who among many other wonderful things gave a very generous founding donation to the Law Library at Gonzaga (Go Zags) in Sopkalou (loo?) More details in my new book. Meantime I am expecting more dramatic action in the Muddled Middle East...but also remembering that the God of Heaven, the Maker of us all, is still very much in Control!! Very GOOD NEWS indeed? INDEED!!!
  11/9/2018 • Jerusalem
  Exactly 100 years after the end of the world's first global war, which left some 40 million soldiers and civilians dead, another international conflagration appears to be looming on the darkening horizon. Instead of centering in Europe, this time it is the turbulent Middle East that is ground zero--as prophesied by the ancient Jewish prophets, including Zechariah and Yochanan (John) in the book of Revelation. Few noticed the Pentagon's announcement last Sunday (detailed in the Air Force Times on Tuesday) that a US air "combat surge" took place over Syria during a three day period last week. It featured the Navy's F-22 Raptors, which "deterred 587 enemy aircraft" during the operation, some of them Russian warplanes. Syrian ground forces shot at the stealth fighters, but none were hit. Israeli military analysts say the Trump administration is preparing to reopen Syrian air space to Israeli combats jets seeking to weaken Iran's growing military presence in Syria. This indicates that a direct US-Russian clash is possibly imminent, meaning fighting could quickly spread to other regions on earth, including the Baltic states, Ukraine and surrounding areas, and possibly also to the Far East. Direct attacks upon the United States (cyber, EMP, terror, missile) are likely in such a conflict, both by terrorist supporters of Iran and Syria, and possibly by Russian, North Korean and other forces as well. China could easily get involved. The US, Israel and their Arab allies will be supported by most NATO member states, especially the UK and France (the Israeli Air Force just completed war drills with their Greek counterparts, and earlier in other EU countries). Egypt announced this week that it will actively back its Sunni Arab cousins on the Arabian peninsula if the region explodes in war. As WWI was ending in November 1918, a flu pandemic was beginning that would take another 50 million or so lives all over the planet (my late father was born during it, as was his best friend whose father perished in the scourge). So with the stage apparently set for another worldwide conflict, we can only cry out to our Sovereign Maker for His divine guidance and protection in the dark days ahead. The silver lining is that His light shines brightest when darkness covers the earth!
  10/31/2018 • Jerusalem
  Some of my trusted Middle East military sources are telling me that a major/massive military conflict appears to be imminent in the explosive region at the center of the world. They say that the demented Shia Muslim mullahs who continue to suppress and lord over the mostly peace loving people of Iran are preparing to launch a full on “Islamic Jihad” offensive against Israel in the coming days or weeks. They intend to complete the Iranian-Aryan determination to fulfill ancient Persia’s documented goal of eliminating the Jewish people from the God of Israel’s verdant green earth (Esther-Hadassah). The Axis of Evil regional masters, who are clearly and arrogantly following Hitler’s deranged holocaust steps while crushing the once great nation of Iran, are taking further steps to choke off vital oil supplies to the world from the (Persian? Arab??) Gulf as they lash out at Israel and America (Great and Little) and their allies in a self perceived “holy war” to bring Halloween permanently to people everywhere...a very bad choice indeed that we will all have to deal with it, as our forefathers had to do with Adolf and Company. As always, the Immortal and Eternal God of Israel (Adonai Tzevaot) will demonstrate that He is both God and a firm Support and Shield for His beloved people everywhere, especially those called back to His chosen land. The final conflicts (foretold in the Bible) will be unlike any other conflagrations before. If my sources are correct, they are seemingly about to unfold, although the Lord of Heaven of course has the final say. As American pundit Will Rogers said in 1929, “You can’t say civilizations don’t every war they kill you in a new way.” No human being has ever seen wars like the ones that are currently arising on the eastern horizon. Get right with your Maker is my humble advice.
  10/27/2018 • Jerusalem
  As I do nearly every morning, I switched on Fox News on my small bathroom TV this morning as I prepared myself for the day ahead. “Oye!” I shouted out as the headline revealed yet another mass casualty shooting was underway in America, this time in a synagogue in Pittsburgh. My immediate horror was quickly deepened when I learned the atrocity was taking place at the Etz Ha’im” (Tree of Life) synagogue. I spoke there to a large crowd in the mid 1990’s as a guest of the Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh, eager to hear my comments on the nascent Oslo Peace accords between the PLO and Israel and the growing radical Muslim threat against it and the Jewish state. I am sadly assuming that at least a few people who heard me then were at the synagogue this morning when the deadly anti-Semitic attack took place. My prayers are going up for them and for all directly affected by the cowardly terrorist attack. A similar anti-Semitic shooting attack took place in April 1997 at a Messianic synagogue in Dallas just one week after I spoke there to a packed congregation. Thankfully the 48 year old neo-Nazi, who shouted out "Die Jews die!" when the attack began, was thrown back by the force of his own semi automatic rifle, sending his bullets harmlessly into the ceiling. Several years ago, friends in Las Vegas, where I had a four hour airport layover, took me to a fabulous buffet lunch at the Mandalay hotel, from where the horrible mass shooting occurred in early October last year. I was in the same airport terminal in Ft. Lauderdale that was attacked by another gunman in early January last year, just a couple weeks before the shooting occurred. While on speaking tours in South Florida over the years, I passed by the high school many times in the same city where 17 people--mostly students--were slaughtered early this year. While heading to a large Messianic conference in Orlando earlier this decade, I drove by the Pulse nightclub that was later attacked in June 2016, leaving 49 dead. Of course, during my 35 years as a reporter in Israel, I had the gruesome task of rushing to the scene of many mass casualty terrorist attacks in Jerusalem and elsewhere, one of them just a couple blocks from my home, which left eight Israelis dead. Despite this awful reality, I still feel that Israel is safer, and definitely saner, than America and many other places in this increasingly violent world. I have shared this opinion many times over the years while speaking to my American Jewish friends, urging them to consider a move to the world’s only Jewish state. On days like these it is especially good to know that the Prince of Peace, Yeshua, is coming again to restore true shalom to this crumbling world!
  10/23/2018 • Jerusalem
  The Israeli government has not conducted ANY military operations against Iranian forces in Syria since a Russian spy plane was brought down by Syrian anti-aircraft fire on September 17th...a date I felt over one year ago might prove to be crucial in setting off a new Middle East and/or Korean war. The IDF silence comes despite the fact that Iran continues to strengthen its own forces stationed in Syria and its surrogate forces in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, where more rioting occurred today as yet another forest fire was started by Palestinian incendiary kites and balloons near Ashkelon. Many Israelis are now asking why the government has not yet launched its declared IDF operation to deal a “crushing blow” to the radical Hamas movement, which controls the small coastal zone, and also to the Islamic Jihad group closely allied with Tehran. Some analysts say the Netanyahu government is apparently reluctant to start any military action---which is clearly needed after six months of escalating Palestinian violence and terror--because of the likelihood that Iran would then order a Hezbollah rocket blitz against Israeli population centers and military bases in a “show of support” for the Gaza Palestinians who are being used to ignite a fuller regional war (which the mullahs falsely believe they can win)...... Meanwhile the Turkish Erdogan regime is adding fuel to the fire by stoking the growing fissure between Saudi Arabia and its western and regional allies due to the Khashoggi killing. I suspect the affair will eventually lead to the collapse of autocratic Saud family rule over most of the Arabian peninsula, which began nearly 100 years ago. This would threaten Hashemite family control over nearby Jordan. Both Arab countries are listed as participants in a regional plot to destroy Israel as recorded in Psalm 83, meaning current public and private ties between the two Arab states and Israel will be cut. I revealed in my 1995 END OF DAYS novel that I suspect the Psalm 83 war will closely follow the fulfillment of Isaiah 17, which describes an apparent intense conflict that leaves Israel greatly weakened and Damascus destroyed. That war appears to be very much on the horizon. By the way, Iran (Persia) is not mentioned as being part of the Psalm 83 plot, probably because it has already been dealt a severe blow in the previous Syria-Israel conflict that the rogue Shiite Muslim regime is even now trying to spark off. Keep looking up while you pray!
  10/16/2018 • Jerusalem
  The roiling Middle East has taken two more ominous steps toward all out war this week. One is the obvious Hamas decision to ignore repeated Israeli warnings and instead obey their Iranian pay masters who want them to continue attacks upon Israel while Iran completes preparations for war in the north (over half the southern forest near the Negev Desert has now been destroyed by explosive Palestinian air borne bombs since the cross border attacks began last March. I described these attacks in detail during my weekly radio segment on the Prophecy Today program, with a link below). PM Netanyahu said on Sunday that “major blows” are about to be dealt to the terrorist-led Gaza Strip, with his Defense Minister revealing on Tuesday that a major IDF operation is about to begin that will “bring quiet for at least five years” to the tottering Palestinian coastal zone.….. The second new step towards all out conflagration is the mushrooming crisis in relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia, which has Israeli officials in a panic since the oil rich Muslim kingdom was supposed to play an important role in the upcoming conflict. Some security analysts are saying that the crisis may be the tipping point that encourages the Muslim mullahs who rule financially crippled Iran to lash out at Israel with all of their might, especially via massive Hezbollah missile strikes. Keep watching and praying! To hear my latest report, paste in or go their web site.
  10/6/2018 • Jerusalem
  Exactly 45 years to the day when Syria and Egypt attacked Israel on her holiest day, Yom Kippur, the explosive Middle East continues to move ever closer to all-out war. Such a conflagration would probably involve at least several Sunni Muslim Arab countries that are quietly allied with Israel in its escalating struggle against the Shiite Muslim Iranian clerical regime and its allies, Syria, Lebanese Hezbollah militiamen, Shiite forces in Yemen, and possibly even Turkey despite its Sunni Muslim majority. Most ominously, the United States and Russia will most likely be directly involved--on opposite sides of course--and maybe even China as well, which is currently strengthening its alliance with Vladimir Putin. Israel’s vaulted Air Force has yet to undertake any operations in Syria since the Kremlin sent four anti-aircraft S-300 surface to air missile systems to the brutal Assad regime last Tuesday, which has essentially won its seven year war against Syrian Sunni Muslim forces and their allies with deep Iranian, Hezbollah and Russian military help. Every week another line is crossed toward all out war. This week, along with escalating rioting in the Gaza Strip and the ominous arrival of the S-300 systems in Syria, Iran launched missiles against Islamic State forces still operating in eastern Syria, sending the regime’s deadly warheads through Iraqi airspace and over the heads of nearby American forces. This was quickly followed by a long range Iranian drone attack on the same area, located just a couple hundred miles northeast of the Golan Heights. As I’ve thought for many years, the next major regional conflict will probably involve the fulfillment of Isaiah 17--the destruction of Damascus and weakening of Israel--but NOT the annihilation of the world’s only Jewish state as vowed by Iran’s devilish leaders. Keep looking up and pray!
  9/26/2018 • Jerusalem
  MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY JERUSALEM Israeli security sources say relations between Russia and Israel have sunk to depths not seen since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990's. Most analysts and news reports are focusing on the imminent arrival of eight advanced Russian S-300 missile battery systems in war torn Syria--despite Israeli pleas to Moscow that the sophisticated weapons not be handed over to the brutal Assad regime. While the missiles could greatly hamper IDF operations in Syrian and Lebanese airspace, they can also take down aircraft over most of Israel itself. However far more worrisome is today’s arrival of sophisticated Electronic Warfare (EW) equipment that can block low level satellite and other communication signals in the same area, something Israel has never dealt with. Russia says it is doing all this because of “criminal Israeli behavior” when Syrian forces shot down a Russian spy jet last week soon after the IDF bombed Iranian rocket shipments heading for Hezbollah forces in Lebanon. My sources say Iran may open fire on Israel and several Gulf Arab countries with its regional allies in Syria, Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, Iraq and Yemen as soon as the S-300 systems are operational (i.e. very soon). Watch and pray!
  9/20/2018 • Jerusalem
  In a provocative move that may signal imminent full-scale war in the roiling Middle East, Russia has ordered all non Russian ships and aircraft to stay out of the eastern Mediterranean Sea in a wide area between the island of Cyprus and the coasts of Lebanon and Syria. This is due to unscheduled “military exercises” that the Kremlin says it will hold for an undefined period of time in the area. The unprecedented closure will prevent Israeli air force and naval vessels from operating there, and also American and French forces as well--a possible precursor of war say some Israeli military analysts. This sudden and unexpected move came soon after Hezbollah’s leader claimed his powerful military arsenal includes weapons “that will surprise Israel” in the pending conflict. Analysts fear the group may possess chemical weapons and possibly even field nuclear warheads, although these would be controlled by the group’s Iranian masters. I will be giving my weekly radio update on the extremely tense situation on the Prophecy Today weekend program this Saturday at 1:15 PM EST, or 6:15 PM in London, which can be heard live on their website, posted later there as well.
  9/18/2018 • Jerusalem
  TUESDAY MORNING 9:00 AM. Israeli Jews are beginning the annual Yom Kippur fast as I write, with officials keeping a wary eye on the north after Russia claimed Israel was responsible for the downing of a Russian spy jet off the Syrian coast late Sunday night. Israeli leaders say it was Syrian missile fire that destroyed the jet, which came minutes after IDF warplanes bombed a Syrian military target close to Russia’s air base near the coastal city of Latakia. The Syrians apparently mistook Russia’s sophisticated spy plane returning to the base for an attacking Israeli warplane, leaving 15 Russians dead and Moscow in a tizzy. Russian leaders are vowing to respond in some sort of way, meaning this will not be a quiet fast for many Israeli governmental and military officials. So despite this week’s significant agreement between Russia and Turkey to try to block a pending Syrian-Iranian military offensive in northwestern Syria near the Turkish border, tensions remain extremely high in the region. The Israeli public is also mourning the murder of Ari Fuld, a well known American-Israeli television commentator who was killed by a young Palestinian terrorist earlier this week. May all of you who are fasting today have an easy one, and with the Good Lord’s help, a peaceful one as well.
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