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Tuesday, September 25, 2018 


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  9/20/2018 • Jerusalem
  In a provocative move that may signal imminent full-scale war in the roiling Middle East, Russia has ordered all non Russian ships and aircraft to stay out of the eastern Mediterranean Sea in a wide area between the island of Cyprus and the coasts of Lebanon and Syria. This is due to unscheduled “military exercises” that the Kremlin says it will hold for an undefined period of time in the area. The unprecedented closure will prevent Israeli air force and naval vessels from operating there, and also American and French forces as well--a possible precursor of war say some Israeli military analysts. This sudden and unexpected move came soon after Hezbollah’s leader claimed his powerful military arsenal includes weapons “that will surprise Israel” in the pending conflict. Analysts fear the group may possess chemical weapons and possibly even field nuclear warheads, although these would be controlled by the group’s Iranian masters. I will be giving my weekly radio update on the extremely tense situation on the Prophecy Today weekend program this Saturday at 1:15 PM EST, or 6:15 PM in London, which can be heard live on their website, posted later there as well.
  9/18/2018 • Jerusalem
  TUESDAY MORNING 9:00 AM. Israeli Jews are beginning the annual Yom Kippur fast as I write, with officials keeping a wary eye on the north after Russia claimed Israel was responsible for the downing of a Russian spy jet off the Syrian coast late Sunday night. Israeli leaders say it was Syrian missile fire that destroyed the jet, which came minutes after IDF warplanes bombed a Syrian military target close to Russia’s air base near the coastal city of Latakia. The Syrians apparently mistook Russia’s sophisticated spy plane returning to the base for an attacking Israeli warplane, leaving 15 Russians dead and Moscow in a tizzy. Russian leaders are vowing to respond in some sort of way, meaning this will not be a quiet fast for many Israeli governmental and military officials. So despite this week’s significant agreement between Russia and Turkey to try to block a pending Syrian-Iranian military offensive in northwestern Syria near the Turkish border, tensions remain extremely high in the region. The Israeli public is also mourning the murder of Ari Fuld, a well known American-Israeli television commentator who was killed by a young Palestinian terrorist earlier this week. May all of you who are fasting today have an easy one, and with the Good Lord’s help, a peaceful one as well.
  9/11/2018 • Jerusalem
  While a gigantic and powerful hurricane targets America’s vulnerable east coast not too far from the nation’s capital city, dark and ominous war clouds continue to swirl around the rumbling Middle East, The usually reliable Israeli Debka intelligence news site is reporting that major war appears to be imminent, involving not only such regional countries as Israel, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the Arab Gulf states, but also the USA, France, Britain, Turkey, Russia and probably even China, which took part in Russian naval war games last week near Syria’s west coast. I will be posting a fuller report on the pending war soon. My weekly radio report is available at
  8/29/2018 • Jerusalem
  The Russian Defense Minister has just announced that his country will hold its biggest military “exercises” since the Soviet Union was at the height of its Cold War power just months before Ronald Reagan became America’s Commander in Chief in November 1980 (the same month I moved to Israel). The war games will take place in central and eastern Russia, said the Defense Minister, involving a staggering 300,000 forces, some on naval vessels in the Black Sea. These forces could fairly easily be redirected south toward Turkey and other areas bordering the roiling Middle East. This jarring news came soon after the Iranian Shiite Muslim clerical regime boisterously proclaimed that American and other navies have no business in the Persian Gulf. The US 5th Fleet is of course headquartered in Bahrain on the Persian Gulf. Meanwhile Iran signed a "mutual defense" agreement with the brutal Syrian Assad regime, apparently aimed at insuring its continued stay in the country. Fearing imminent war, the French government today restricted all diplomatic travel to Iran. The war clouds are clearly gathering over what the Bible calls the geographical and spiritual center of the world. To hear my latest radio update last weekend on the pending storm, paste in this “Prophecy Today” link with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung:
  8/28/2018 • Jerusalem
  Several Mideast media outlets say that Russian and Syrian forces, backed by Iran, are planning to attack American, and possibly Israeli, targets in the region in the coming hours or days. Russian reports say the US is preparing to strike Damascus at any time. This comes after Iran today basically ordered Western naval forces out of the Persian Gulf, and said the Straights of Hormuz will be closed to all oil traffic, causing chaos on world financial markets if so if not a full on world war. Look up and pray!
  8/27/2018 • Jerusalem
  Several Middle East media outlets are reporting a significant buildup of military forces by both Washington and Moscow as fighting continues in Syria and other parts of the explosive Middle East. Click for more details.
  8/23/2018 • Jerusalem
  The Israeli Debka security web site is reporting that a joint American-Israeli military campaign against Iranian forces and their allies in the region may have begun within the last few hours. An Iranian controlled Iraqi Shiite militia force is coming under heavy bombardment while convoying on a highway in Iraq near the Syrian border, says the report. The fire is coming from unidentified warplanes thought to belong to Israel and America. THIS COULD EASILY LEAD TO FULL WAR between Western forces and Iran and its allies in the coming hours or days, as I have been anticipating for some time this year. Heavily armed Lebanese Hezbollah fighters could join the action at any time, possibly unleashing a torrent of rockets aimed at Israeli targets. Watch and pray!!
  6/16/2018 • Jerusalem
  US President Donald Trump's dramatic 'reality television' summit with his former 'Rocket Man' nemesis in Singapore earlier this week seems to signal the possible peaceful end to the long standing conflict over the divided Korean peninsula---but don't bet on it. This nut has yet to be actually cracked despite repeated efforts to do so for many decades now. The seeming about face by the brutal North Korean Communist Kim Family regime, set up by the Soviet Union after the Korean War, came as a surprise to most intelligence officials around the world. What is really behind it all and where it will end remains to be seen. Meanwhile Trump is being hailed by supporters, and even by a few opponents, for getting the portly Kim to the negotiating table, even if the actual summit showed that the rogue regime probably has a very different view of where it will end up than the President does. The summit came soon after a longtime friend of mine from Israel told me he thinks Trump might prove to be the 'man on the white horse' in Revelation 6. He noted that he is clearly 'going out to conquer' or at least nuetralize America's two most threatening current enemies, North Korea and Iran, and may take on others as well. Interesting times we live in (ugh)!! Tensions remain high on the Golan Heights where Syrian military forces backed by Iranian and Hezbollah fighters continue to prepare for a major attack to oust anti-Assad forces from the area. Israel's surprise army reserve mobilization last Sunday morning was another indication that a full on war may break out at any time.
  5/30/2018 • Jerusalem
  Here is the latest report from Debka...ominous indeed..........Hours after the Palestinians paused on Wednesday, May 30, in their broadest rocket/mortar assault on Israel in four years, their Iranian backers were already moving on the Golan. Under cover of the deafening Gaza clash, Iran, Syria and Hizballah began marching military units on the road to Quneitra opposite Israel’s Golan border. They include the Syrian army’s 42nd armored brigade of the elite 4th Division. DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report Iran is employing its classical tactic of cooling one sector – on Israel’s southern border with Gaza – while creeping up silently on another – the Golan front in the north. The movement is timed to reach Quneitra on Thursday, May 31, when Russian defense minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu and his Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman are due to meet in Moscow.
  5/20/2018 • Jerusalem
  I mentioned a few months ago that I sensed in prayer that the 17th of some future month might prove critical in the possibility of a military showdown between the United States and its regional allies against Communist North Korea. I later noted that the evil regime's close ally Iran might also be connected to this date, especially if military action in the Far East triggered the same in the explosive Middle East. Last week on the 17th, the White House learned that the rogue "Kim" family regime, which has crippled life in the area under its stifling control for far too many decades--as President Trump and other word leaders have pointed out-- may cancel the planned summit meeting currently set for June 12 in Singapore--a city-state I've been to several times and a close friend of Israel. If it does so, military action may become inevitable, as the President and John Bolton have made clear. Stay tuned! Meanwhile I'm hearing that the growing warfare between Israel and Iran is probably not over, with a suspected Iranian drone spotted over the Golan Heights on Thursday night followed by some sort of massive attack on a Syrian air base in Hama--widely attributed to Israel but other reports speak of a ground attack of some sort which of course could also have a "Made in Israel" stamp on it. Either way, dozens of Iranian and Syrian forces were killed and huge quantities of surface to air rockets destroyed in the action. So the news continues to be far more interesting than it should be, especially as spring turns to summer (in the north...but winters are mild in Oz and NZ and hopefully rainy in South Africa). I was just watching a summary of Israel's ancient and modern history that I presented on the Zola Levitt television program a few years back...check it out if you like on YouTube:
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