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  12/6/2017 • Jerusalem
  The tottering Middle East appears to be on the brink of another major regional war, involving Russia and the United States and other outside countries as well. Today’s White House announcement that the Trump administration recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city (duh!!!) may be the spark that sets of the coming conflagration.
  11/9/2017 • Jerusalem
  The howling winds of war are now approaching hurricane force strength in both the roiling Middle East and in East Asia. The longtime "Axis of Evil" alliance between the repressive North Korean dictatorship and the Shiite Muslim stronghold of Iran (Persia) may lead to a simultaneous outbreak of warfare in both theaters at any moment. Click for more...
  11/8/2017 • Jerusalem
  The threat of a pending global conflagration of nuclear proportions seems to be growing every day now, if not every hour The latest signs of pending world upheaval feature the regular actors, North Korea, Iran and Russia, with China not so silently signaling that it might back its longtime ally, it's puppet "hermit" regime, if war breaks out again on the divided Korean peninsula. In the turbulent Middle East,Saudi Arabia looks to be on the verge of all out war with its eastern neighbor Iran, which it accused of being behind the firing or a missile at the country's main airport from war-torn Yemen to the south last weekend. Now Iran says it is rushing more missiles to Yemen that can hit targets in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Sunni states that it named. Any such conflict would undoubtedly involve Israel and other countries as well. Meanwhile Syria and Lebanon are in chaos, with the Lebanese Sunni Muslim prime minister fleeing for safety this week to Saudi Arabia as evidence mounts that the wider Shiite-Sunni Muslim regional conflict is about to explode. In the far east of Asia, North Korean officials are increasingly talking of detonating a thermal nuclear hydrogen bomb in the atmosphere. This could be the EMP attack upon America and/or its allies that has been anticipated by many military analysts for several years. I will be expanding on the mushrooming world crisis over the next few days in postings that will appear here on my website. May God help us all!
  11/2/2017 • Jerusalem
  Are we on the brink of the world's first nuclear conflict? If so, who might be involved and how will it end? I will be posting a full report on this riveting topic very soon. The report will look at the growing conflict between the Russian-backed Syrian regime and Israel, whose warplanes bombed a Syrian rocket factory north of Damascus on November 1 that was supplying rockets to the Lebanese Hezbollah militia. I will also focus on the very real possibility that the rogue North Korean Communist regime may be capable of carrying out an EMP attack upon America's very vulnerable electrical grid, as first reported by former ABC television journalist Ted Koppel in his chilling book "Lights Out" published two years ago. North Korea currently has two satellites passing high over North America and other parts of the world every day. If they contain miniaturized hydrogen warheads as some nuclear experts suspect, such a devastating attack could take place at virtually any moment. After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the hermit regime earlier this week, it issued the following statement: "This is an unpardonable insult and provocation to the dignity and social system in North Korea and the choice made by its people." First time I've heard that the "people" there have much choice in who governs them. Check back here soon for my full report.
  9/1/2017 • Jerusalem
  The jarring evidence that we are most likely on the verge of an international conflict of unprecedented proportions (meaning probably a nuclear war) is mounting daily. I will be commenting on this in early November.
  2/9/2017 • Jerusalem
  Iran’s so called “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned in a speech on February 8th that he would unveil his “response” to the Trump Administrations toughening stand against his radical Shiite Muslim regime on February 10th, which is tomorrow. At the very least, we can expect fierce anti-American rhetoric during Friday Muslim services in the country. Meanwhile I have just completed a world update report titled “A BUNCH OF SEVENS: WHAT’S UP AHEAD FOR 2017.” In it I note that many important things have taken place connected to Israel in years ending with the number seven. I also take a look at growing Russian aggression in the Middle East and elsewhere and the growing prospects for war, and whether or not Trump’s unexpected electoral victory signals spiritual revival in America, as some maintain.
  9/19/2016 • Jerusalem
  Click for my latest world update report, focusing on growing evidence that a new World War is well underway, even if probably still in its initial stages.
  2/17/2016 • Jerusalem
  I will be posting here soon my fresh assessment of the growing crisis in Syria and the Middle East, where a major world conflict is brewing, pitting Russia and its regional Shiite Muslim allies against Turkey and its Sunni and NATO allies, which of course includes most of Europe and the United States. This comes as China and North Korea step up their aggressive actions in the Far East. So a flow blown World War is clearly rising on the horizon . Check here for my next update coming soon.
  8/24/2015 •
  With stock and commodity markets now plunging all over the world, I have recorded my latest thoughts on the growing economic crisis and its possible connection to the soon coming end of this "Shemitah" Hebrew year of agricultural rest and debt restructuring. Having expected an economic crisis (at the very least) around now, I sold my own stocks last month just before the big falls began. I also comment on the wildfires that are burning in my native Pacific Northwest of the United States and the growing drought that is fueling them.
  5/12/2015 • Jerusalem
  Messianic author and speaker Lance Lambert passed away in Jerusalem this past Sunday. Click for my personal tribute to this great man of God who I was very blessed to know. I will be on a TV program next week discussing this man of God, filmed in front of his Jerusalem home. See the end of my tribute for details.
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