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War Update July 22

Jerusalem • 7/22/2006

Hizbullah militia forces attacked an Israeli military outpost near Avivim in the late afternoon, reportedly wounding at least one Israeli solider.  Earlier a private house took a direct Hizbullah rocket hit in the town of Carmiel, injuring several people, one moderately.  Other rockets rained down around Haifa, Kiryat Shmona (where I lived from 1982 until 1984), Safed, the Golan Heights, Nahariya, and many other locations.  Casualties were relatively light since most residents of these areas (over one million people) have either evacuated their homes or are virtually living in bomb shelters.  I spoke with some residents of the north who are taking shelter here in the Jerusalem area last evening, and they said they are hopeful they may be able to return to their homes in the coming few days, but not overly optimistic that this will indeed be the case. 


The renewed rocket assaults all across northern Israel today came as Israeli tanks and special forces conducted additional pinpoint operations across the international border, especially near Avivim due north of Safed where five soldiers were killed in heavy fighting on Thursday.  (It was revealed overnight that some of the intense Israeli shelling there then was designed to cover a prolonged, but eventually successful attempt to recover the body of a slain soldier that was located behind Hizbullah lines). Another cross border incursion was launched in the Meron a-Ras area this morning, where IDF forces were seeking out and destroying underground Hizbullah bunkers and rocket launchers.   Destroying such rocket launchers is considered especially vital in order to stop the daily blitz of rockets upon Israeli civilian centers.  Residents of some 13 Lebanese villages and towns along the border, including the largest Maronite Christian town, Marjayoun, near to where I worked in the early 80s, have been ordered to leave their homes by sundown as IDF forces seek out Hizbullah militia fighters and rocket positions operating in those areas. 


Israeli air force jets continued to pound portions of Lebanon today, hitting TV transmission towers of three stations, including Hizbullah’s Al Manor station and the leading private station, the Lebanese Broadcasting Corp, which is now off the air in most of the country.  Cell phone towers were also struck in the attack in what was seen as an attempt to disrupt internal Hizbullah communications. Late reports say that Lebanon’s main oil refinery has been struck in the port city of Tripoli, not far from the Syrian border.  Israeli defense officials say over 1,800 air strikes have been launched since the conflict with Hizbullah began on July 12th.  Around 40 rocket launch sites were also struck today, mostly in southern Lebanon.  This comes after nearly 1,700 Hizbullah rockets were launched at mostly civilian targets in the northern section of the small Jewish state over the past 11 days.


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