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Jerusalem • 4/16/2013


You will recall that I stated in my message sent out last Friday that I was taking the North Korean threat of an imminent nuclear attack upon South Korea and America very seriously. The evil regime has issued yet another warning of pending attack today, as reported this morning on the CNN website:


-- North Korea is raising the temperature on its neighbors, saying in its latest threat that it would not give any advance warning before any attack on South Korea. "Our retaliatory action will start without any notice from now," Pyongyang said in a statement published Tuesday by its official news agency, KCNA.

Soon after the latest verbal blast was issued in Pyongyang, news came that an American Black Hawk helicopter crashed earlier today near the North Korean border. Thankfully, none of the 12 crewmen was killed.

Before I begin to comment on the terrorist attack in Boston, I want to relate where I was last evening when news of it broke here in Israel. Just as the twin blasts were taking place, I was finishing a meal in the center of Jerusalem near Jaffa Road with my longtime friends Barry and Batya Segal and their daughter and a friend. Ironically given my last posting, we were eating Chinese food. It was the beginning of the annual Israel Independence Day, and we decided to leave the heavily policed city center to head over to my apartment to watch the scheduled 10:30 PM fireworks display from my roof.

Minutes after we arrived, I switched on my TV in order to put on some music carried by a classical cable channel. As usual, my set was tuned to a news channel, this time the BBC World Service. The attack had taken place a half hour before in Boston, and the BBC reporters were live with the details. Barry quickly phoned his brother, a surgeon who lives in Boston and often runs in local marathon races, but did not get through to him, nor to his wife in a subsequent call. We later heard that all cell phone lines had been cut in the area. Needless to say, we were not exactly in a jovial mood a few minutes later as we went up to my roof to watch the fireworks display. We assumed that Israeli security measures were being beefed up in the city as news of the heinous attack in America spread.


In my last message, I wrote that I felt the media focus on North Korea’s apparent inability to strike the US mainland with long-range ballistic missiles was probably missing the mark. I stated that an assault could take place in the form of an internal terrorist operation, possibly involving a portable nuclear backpack or suitcase bomb that had been smuggled into America. Although I did not write the following in so many words, I meant that an attack could come in various other ways than a ballistic missile attack.

This of course means that what World Net Daily is calling the Boston massacre might have indeed been carried out by terrorist agents connected to North Korea and/or its ally Iran. Radical leaders of both of the allied nations have vowed many times to destroy the United States, which Iran terms the Great Satan. The Sunni Muslim Al Qaida movement has also issued the same vow many times, carrying out the 9/11 attacks among other horrible things. So obviously that terror group is a major suspect in the deadly Boston marathon operation. While it might have been an indigenous American attack, I highly doubt that, given that it was so cleverly planned to take place at a spot and an event where it was guaranteed to be widely photographed and instantly reported, affecting runners and observers from all over the world. The scene of many national flags fiercely blowing in the shock wave that was created by the first powerful blast was right out of a Hollywood horror flick. That the attack would leave many people leg-less who were either watching or participating in a marathon race is all the more sinister and satanic.

Analysts are already noting that yesterday’s atrocity was staged in the Massachusetts capital city, meaning it may well point to an Al Qaida operation. They point out that the hijacked American airline flight 11, which crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11, originated in Boston, as did United flight 175 that plowed into the South Tower.

The reported placement of ball bearings inside the Boston bombs is a longtime hallmark of Hizbullah and Hamas terror assaults. The Sunni Muslim Hamas movement is known to have links to Al Qaida. Many more Israelis have been wounded or killed by such supplemental shrapnel than by the blast of the terrorist bomb itself. I have sadly witnessed this fact firsthand here in Israel more than one time. Of course, indigenous American terrorist groups could also construct such bombs, learning as it were how to build a more effective bomb from the international masters of terrorism. Hopefully the FBI will uncover who was behind the atrocity, as President Obama has sworn will take place. However this type of attack by its very nature is often hard to indisputably pin on the responsible party, so we may never know 100% for sure who plotted, funded and carried it out.

The Boston police spokesman said this morning that a total of five explosive devices were planted in his city, although only three of them went off. This adds to my suspicion that this is just the first of many terrorist operations being planned across the country by America’s enemies. Government authorities are also assuming the worst, as they must.

Whether or not North Korea and/or Iran were involved in the Boston assault, I believe the burden in my spirit that I wrote about last week, that America would indeed be imminently attacked, has at least begun to be fulfilled on the world stage. As I wrote last week, if North Korea actually launches an attack in the coming hours or days, be it nuclear or not, I expect Iran will follow that up with a rocket and missile blitz upon Israel, probably via its Hizbullah proxy force.


In my Israel news updates, I normally stay away from anything that might signal my own personal criticism or opinion of any governmental leader. That is why I did not mention the following in my last posting. However today I believe I should do so, given the dramatic news affecting America and the world.

A friend recently sent me a copy of an article in the Ministry Today magazine written by Jonathan Cahn, the author of the best-selling Harbinger book who I have personally known for many years. The article was titled A National Wake Up Call. Under a section titled National Tipping Points, Jonathan wrote that "Last year, 2012, was critical in America’s trajectory away from God. He warns before judgment. The year marked the first time in U.S. history when a sitting president publicly spoke against the biblical definition of marriage. It was the year that America re-elected the first president to take such a stand, not to mention a radically activist stand on abortion."

Was the Boston atrocity the beginning of the divine judgment upon America that is the focus of Harbinger, and if so, how far will it go? Obviously no one but the Lord can say for sure. However if that is indeed the case, then we can expect many more dramatic days ahead in America, the tense Middle East, and all over the world. As I wrote last week, its behooves us to get as ready as possible for such days, especially those living in eastern Asia, the Middle East and America. Meanwhile we can declare the powerful words of comfort and strength found in Isaiah, chapter 12, verse 2: "Behold, God is my salvation. I will trust, and will not be afraid. For the Lord God is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation."


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